Internal Cohesion psychotherapy

Internal Cohesion psychotherapy

Internal Cohesion Psychotherapy (ICP) is a new eclectic approach aiming to integrate best practices from different perspectives while remaining unique in conceptualizing the nature of psychopathology and its treatment. In a short time, this approach became popular and it is known for its practicability and effectivity. The core components of Internal Cohesion Psychotherapy are systems and time. Systems are composed of important relations that an individual has, and they are dependent on time (the past, present and the future).

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New Release

In time for ourself

“N’kohë për veten” (“In time for ourself”) is an illuminating book that presents Internal Cohesion Psychotherapy in a self-applicable and transformative version. Serving as a thought-provoking guide, it prompts a different way of thinking, encourages reflection, and fosters empathy. While a book may not provide a complete solution, it stands as a valuable catalyst, sparking the initial steps toward understanding and, in turn, facilitating personal growth and self-help.

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A Word From The Author

Almost 13 years ago I started my journey in Psychotherapy. At the beginning, I tended to follow structured psychotherapy approaches and almost got obsessed with their golden rules, “do’s and don’ts” and their boarders. However, often I felt that clients were not benefiting and I experienced the inevitable “hopelessness”. I realized that a sole approach is not going to fit all the challenges my clients will bring into sessions. Therefore, I started to collect the best knowledges and practices from different perspectives, to combine and link therapeutic strategies and sometimes I had the courage to think innovatively and to apply new techniques. This is how the idea of Internal Cohesion Psychotherapy started. Today, ICP is a new idea, it is a book and it represents a new psychotherapy approach. 

Fitim Uka
Psychologist, Writer and Professor.

What Readers Are Saying

A model of psychotherapy that makes the client understand the importance of time. A psychotherapy approach that gives special weight to intrapersonal and interpersonal communication, helps to identify the life goals and values spirituality. It is a new way of finding internal cohesion—rest, serenity, health, and mental wellbeing.

The strongest point of the author’s theoretical conceptualization is the attempt to provide a simplified explanation of human nature, psychopathology, and its treatment for the audience or future therapists…
Dr. Aliriza ARËNLIU

Certainly, each theory of psychotherapy has its own practical component, which is implemented in the psychotherapist-client relationship. Dr. Uka provides clear guidelines on where to intervene …


Internal cohesion psychotherapy is a well-organized approach, first as a theorical model then as an applied psychotherapy. Plenty of techniques that are used to achieve the final aim of psychotherapy…


This approach brings many innovations in its field, but the main one, in my opinion, is that the basis of this theory is empirical. Prof. Uka has successfully demonstrated time continuity between…