Quotes related to ICP

One is more than “oneself”

Not only the way one perceives, knows, and speaks to him/herself, but also the way he/she creates relations with others, the goals he/she sets for him/herself in life, and the spiritual (un)explicability are relations that follow every step of individual. Only when an honest communication with each of these systems and timepoints is established the internal cohesion and psychological serenity can be achieved.

- Fitm Uka

For the individual, the present is more than only today

The individual is always a reflection of his/her past, present, and future. Thoughts and emotions that he/she experiences, also behaviors, belong to the thoughts and emotions that he/she experienced yesterday, as well as the hope and plans he/she has for the future.

- Fitm Uka

The internal cohesion is not a utopia

No one can pretend to achieve the peace in the present, if he/she has conflicts in the past, or/and lack of hope for the future. Internal cohesion refers to the open communication of individual with his/her past, treating as well as addressing the conflicts from the past, accepting and making peace with each system (intrapersonal, interpersonal, professional, and spiritual) in the past; (re)building and maintaining healthy relations with each of these systems in the present as well as constructing real expectations and potential beliefs that are related to the relation of the individual with each of the systems in the future. Only when the individual can create a harmony of psychological systems in three timepoints, will find the serenity that serves as a defense adaptive mechanism for psychological problems as well as a solution for them.

- Fitm Uka